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Often mistaken for dirt or soot, those dark stains are a living organism.

It is a Cyanobacteria ( commonly referred to as “blue green algae” called Gloeocapsa Magma, these stains aren’t just unsightly, but unhealthy which could result in (Sick Building Syndrome) it too can reduce the life of your roof by as much as 5 to 7 years.

SHINGLE ROOF - the dark staining causes the roof to expand and contract causing excessive granule loss, while at the same time attacking the oils in your shingles. This will encourage excessive granule loss and can shorten the life of your roof by as much as 5 to 7 years. The added attic heat build up forces your A/C to work harder which results in higher electric consumption. Not to mention it is unhealthy and unsightly.

We can safely restore your shingle roof to a like new appearance with our exclusive roof cleaning process.

As our technicians prepare to clean your roof, loose debris when present will be removed from your roof and gutters (when gutters are present). We will apply our exclusive Roof-Bright fungicides with a misting process to kill the fungus growth. The roof is then rinsed to remove residue with our HVLP ( high volume, low pressure) roof cleaning system to insure the entegrity of the granules. Once the roofing material has been restored to a like new appearance we will apply a residual fungicide. Leaving the roof healthy and looking new.

TILE ROOF - NEVER allow your tile roof to be pressure washed. Most tile roofs today are manufactured of concrete with a colored glaze coating. Pressure washing can damage the glaze coating resulting in the eventual loss of color as well as encouraging tiles to loosen.
Our exclusive 3 step tile roof cleaning process will safely restore your tile roof to a like new appearance by safely eliminating the fungus and staining.

1. Application of fungicide through a misting process to kill fungus growth
2. Light rinse, less than half of garden hose pressure.
3. Application of residual fungicides

Our 3 step roof cleaning process along with the Roof-Bright roof cleaning products comply with the recommendations and guidelines of the ARMA.

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